Our Proposal

Say No CPO Proposal to Chelsea Football Club

We have today made the following proposal to the club as a way forward.

To: Bruce Buck

Following our meeting last week and subsequent telephone conversation we would like to propose an alternative way forward, as follows:

1 The club to have total freedom to move to a larger new stadium anywhere within three miles of Stamford Bridge at any time before 2030 so long as Roman Abramovich is still in control of Chelsea.

2. Chelsea to save £1.5m by leaving Chelsea Pitch Owners in place. The CPO will sell the freehold at SB to the club in exchange for the freehold at the new ground on the same terms as currently in place.

3. The club to agree to ongoing consultation, and transparency of information, with the fans regarding any new stadium.*

We await with interest your response and we are happy to meet at any time to discuss this further.

*The consultation with the club regarding any new stadium mentioned in point 3 would include, inter alia, issues around location, design, facilities and pricing structure. It would also cover discussing evidence regarding the unsuitability of Stamford Bridge for redevelopment.

The Say No CPO Team

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