SayNoCPO – Statement of Objectives

1. To persuade the club/CPO to postpone the CPO meeting on 27/10/11to allow further consultation with supporters;

2.  Through an effective publicity campaign across a number of platforms, to build a database of CPO shareholders sympathetic to our cause so that we can involve them in future club consultations;

3.  To defeat the CPO proposals on 27/10/11 through effective mobilisation of CPO shareholders sympathetic to our cause, either through attendance at the meeting or through proxy nomination;

4.  To get sufficient information in the public domain about whether or not Stamford Bridge is suitable for redevelopment such that if the club press with the ‘move option’ there is clear, unambiguous evidence to support this;

5.  To persuade the club that, if a new ground is required, a similar CPO scheme at the new stadium should be set up to secure the long term future of the club;

6.  In the event that Chelsea did leave Stamford Bridge, to persuade the club to create a joint working party to look at all options for the ground in terms of location, design and facilities.

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