What should I do if I haven’t received my proxy form?

If you are a shareholder and you have not received the notice of the general meeting (or any part of it) you need to contact the Company Secretary to ensure he has your correct address via email at or phone 01932 847 952, but in the meantime you can print off the proxy form here. (PDF Format).

How many votes do I have?

You will be entitled to one vote per share owned, subject to a maximum of 100 votes (even if you own more than 100 shares you only get 100 votes).

How many votes does ‘Say No CPO’ need to win?

We don’t know how many we need exactly – it depends on how many vote Yes. To pass the resolutions the club needs to get 75% of the votes as Yes.

So we need 26% of the votes to be No. With your help we should get there.

What happens if I don’t attend or appoint a proxy?

Then your shares won’t count either for or against.

When will the meeting finish and what happens if I have to leave the meeting before the vote?

It is hard to say how long the meeting will be – please get there promptly and stay as long as you can so that you can vote. If you have to leave your vote will not count unless you have appointed a proxy to vote on your behalf.

Will I be able to speak at the meeting?

That will depend on the Chairman on the meeting, who will be Richard King of the CPO.  He will probably allow some speakers from the people attending.

I’ve already voted by sending in my proxy form, but now I want to change my mind and vote No. How do I do this?

You need to get hold of another proxy form (simply print off the proxy form here) and complete the new form with an ‘X’ against each of the 6 resolutions, under ‘Against’.  Then do as follows:

1.     Let us know by emailing us with your name and number of shares at

2.     Mark the top of your new proxy form to show clearly that this is a new vote and replaces your previous proxy.

3.     Complete and mail in your new proxy form following steps A-D listed on the voting page.

I hold my shares through a company, supporters group or organisation. How do I fill in the proxy form?

Follow the instructions above, for steps A to D. At step C, sign your own name and in the box marked “Printed name” write your name and the words “for and on behalf of [insert the name of your company/supporters group/organisation]“

I’ve got other questions – how can I get them answered?

Please email us at

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