2018 AGM Voting Recommendations

12.01.18 | Comment?

The CPO board are putting an initiative to the membership to vote upon this year, motion 8&9 - permission to introduce £25 ‘B’ class shares worth 1 vote, and thereby multiplying ALL existing £100 shares [‘A’ class] voting rights to 4.
SNCPO remain unconvinced by the arguments put either for or against, and so unable to make recommendation and will therefore abstain.
We do recommend voting in favour of all other motions, with the usual exception of [2] the re-election of director Frankham, who voted in favour of dissolution of CPO in 2011, and [6&7] the reappointment of auditors Hannaways, for their failings surrounding the fraudulent share sales scandal in 2011.
SNCPO have been asked to stand proxy for members unable to attend – anyone requiring this facility can enter the name David Spring in the appropriate box on the form.

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