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28.01.17 | Comment?

This years CPO AGM was once again a very business-like affair – Charles Rose second meeting as chair saw another good attendance with much sensible discussion, particularly around the redevelopment plans and controversial potential lease extension.

The main points to note were ;

* the unequivocal 84% pass of Resolution 9, giving permission for the board to negotiate a lease extension – earlier confirmed to be based around a new 999 year agreement.

* the longstanding distrust of directors Frankham and Granvill – once again polling noticeably less than their fellow board members.

* a strikingly consistent 2,000 core votes, thought to be the notorious concert party of fraudulently purchased shares from 2011, yet again still controlling every issue and ensuring every proposal was passed.

* whilst the concert party continue to dominate AGM voting where only around 3,000 votes are generally cast, any threat to CPO would potentially once again bring out a much larger number of ordinary shareholders, as in 2011.

The board were also able to give the assurances SNCPO had sought, having confirmed enlistment of professional advice in order to best safeguard our freehold and company for the long-term as a result of any such new development and lease agreement. Further, should these negotiations break down and a new offer for the freehold be made – shares would be immediately suspended, unlike in 2011 by the King, Granvill, Sewell, board [so facilitating the share fraud], and the disgracefully rushed bare minimum 3 week notice period before the vote not employed, as it was then.

In exchange for such agreements from CPO, SNCPO also suggested corresponding renegotiation of the debt, and match-day facilities made available to shareholders in the new stadium as in the 1990′s, would be more than reasonable.

If this lease extension is successfully negotiated as hoped, it should ensure CFC continue to play football at Stamford Bridge under the continued guardianship of CPO. If it is not, it will reveal the clubs true intentions to own the freehold purely for the vanity of control, and be resisted by all true supporters once again !

The full breakdown of voting figures are available on the CPO pages of the CFC website.

SAYNO would once again like to thank all those shareholders who supported our stance and gave us proxy over their votes.


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