2017 AGM Voting Recommendations

07.01.17 | Comment?

Most shareholders will have received their 2017 CPO AGM notifications for Friday 27th January.

SNCPO has once again been asked for it’s voting recommendations and where necessary to provide proxy for members who require one. After taking various input and discussion, SNCPO recommend the following ;

Vote in favour of ALL resolutions, with the usual exception of the two directors and company auditors in position during the share fraud and it’s subsequent half-baked investigation, and for that reason not trusted by many shareholders ;

2 – Frankham
4 – Granville
7 – Hannaways
8 – Hannaways

A caveat remains that unease exists about the possibilities of a 999 year lease provision for resolution 9, where a much shorter extension may be perfectly commercially adequate. There are also suggestions that a corresponding renegotiation of the remaining debt might be valid as part of any such agreement, and/or facilities made available to CPO within the new complex.

With outline planning consent for the new stadium expected imminently, these issues are very relevant, and as SNCPO suggested at last years AGM an offer to extend the lease completely negates any possible remaining necessity for the club to require the freehold, keeping it safely protected as a community asset and for supporters for many generations to come.

SAYNO can offer the name of DAVID SPRING as proxy for any shareholders who should require it to either vote as outlined above, or vote on any other business raised.


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