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SAYNO welcomes the Sun newspapers revelations today, which finally confirms what we have asserted for nearly two years – Stamford Bridge most certainly can be redeveloped to 55k + capacity, and the club know it!

For many months it has been clear to supporters with an ear to the ground that Bruce Bucks repeated categorical public assertion back in 2011 that ‘Stamford Bridge cannot be redeveloped to 55k + capacity’ was a bare-faced lie, cynically formulated to perpetrate an old fashioned land-grab of the jewel in CFC’s history – Stamford Bridge. That shameful episode initiated by it’s current hierarchy was only thwarted by hundreds of loyal grass-roots supporters, which is now a well documented credit to each and every one of them!

In essence this revelation will eventually negate the ‘raison d’etra’ for SAYNO’s very existence – as clearly there can now be no need for the club to envisage moving away from our historic home unless it is purely for financial gain, as previously attempted via the theft of CPO at the expense of ordinary supporters and the clubs long-term security. However, the ‘concert party’ of multiple shareholders resulting from the club’s previous illegitimate proposal still hold sway at every CPO AGM, and SAYNO will not rest until this remaining blight on our company and club is removed.

It must surely now be obvious to Buck and his spin doctors that scam is now sprung and they must respect CPO’s vital independence from the club, remove it’s many stooges from within, and stop meddling in it’s affairs.

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