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Official results from yesterdays AGM were predictable in that all resolutions were passed given the concert party still stacks every vote by up to 40% – the full breakdown of figures are available on the CPO webpage of CFC’s website.

However, some welcome news is the chairman has finally been forced to make enquiry of the 25 alleged profiteers who make up the concert party due to continued pressure from the membership, although now suitably strengthened by an official complaint to various authorities, including the Serious Fraud Office we understand !

Another telling result was the highest vote of approval for current directors was for Gray Smith, and the lowest for Steven Frankham – the chairman himself.

Further, a respected shareholder has independently investigated the new share purchasers for the current year via the updated share register and thankfully found no more contentious transactions, with the vast majority being for single shares. We obviously welcome this verification of the boards new stated commitment to stringent checks on proofs of ID and address and links to CFC, despite still being administered by the same previously negligent company secretary, Robert Sewell – this aspect will continue to be carefully monitored.

The new look board also promised to investigate better ways to administer CPO on a day to day basis, along with the possibilities of returning our office back to Stamford Bridge where it belongs and easily accessible to members and purchasers alike.

Despite a dubious start by the two new directors, including choosing a propaganda website sycophantic to CFC’s management to state their views, they made encouraging noises at their debut meeting both on and off microphone, and SAYNO sincerely hopes they prove to be as good as their word.

Further recent news away from the AGM centres on the door now being closed on both CFC’s preferred alternative sites for a new stadium, with first Battersea and now Earls Court seemingly conclusively ruled out. This must surely finally engender serious reflection by CFC on the possibilities of an enlarged Stadia at Stamford Bridge, which SAYNO have always been certain can be achieved given the will – watch this space.

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