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Once again SAYNO must ask for shareholders support at the AGM on 30th Jan by nominating us and not the chairman to act as your proxy.  We must unfortunately also advocate voting against all resolutions bar one – number 4, in protest at Mr Frankham’s continued poor leadership of our company;

He still refuses to deal with the crucial concert party shares potentially swaying every shareholder vote by 40% since October 2011 – supposedly due to costs and an ‘unlikely’ outcome – surely CPO can afford 25 second class stamps to make enquiry of the 25 multiple purchasers in question? And to give up a fight over potential fraud because it may have little success must be a dereliction of duty for a company chairman!

Further as previously informed, despite several personal assurances to shareholders for over a year or more, he neglected to ensure the crucial 10 year extension to the company loan from CFC, endangering our companies very existence ! SAYNO had to urgently lobby fellow director Gray Smith with just days remaining to act when we could get no reply from CPO direct – if this loan had not been extended as entitled, CFC could have called it in the next day and filed for the bankruptcy of CPO with all assets returning to CFC ! CPO desperately needs representative, committed leadership fully independent of CFC – otherwise Richard King would have been suffice!

If you can attend Stamford Bridge on the day, please do come and have your say on your company and your leadership!

If you cannot make the AGM and wish to vote as SAYNO recommend by proxy, please also fill in the name David Spring in the appropriate box on the front of the form – simply then return it to CPO in the envelope provided. Postal voting forms and proxy’s must be received by CPO at least 48 hours before the meeting.


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